Xebec is a principal investor, venture operator and portfolio manager. Through Xebec Venture Holdings, our evergreen investment holding company, we invest in opportunities where we can deliver significant value-added growth. Focused on emerging markets, we invest in high-growth consumer tech ventures and personal experience brands with global scale.

We take the lead on the key success areas of start-up growth, such as:

  • Innovation and differentiation
  • Brand management, strategy and positioning
  • Digital presence and social media
  • Operating model improvements
  • Funding for new growth
  • Finding partners for expansion into new markets

We focus on accelerating and maximizing the value of our ventures as rapidly, profoundly, effectively and efficiently as possible, especially through the demanding seed and early-stage growth phases of their development.

The Xebec name, embodied in our logo, is a reflection of our operating philosophy.

Xebec (pronounced zebec, also spelt xebeck, xebeque, zebec(k), zebecque, chebec, shebeck):

Xebec’s were highly innovative sea-vessels designed to be fast and agile but at the same time, small and affordable. From the 16th to 19th centuries, Xebec’s completely revolutionized trade with the Mediterranean as its hub, playing a pivotal role in bringing new products and ideas to markets by allowing small traders to compete with the large merchant trading companies of the era.

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