Xebec’s team comprises of entrepreneurs, principal investors, private equity fund managers and senior managers and directors for start-ups as well as large multinational corporations.

We have operated growth businesses across a wide range of geographies including the America’s, Europe and MENASA. Between us, we have launched, developed or entered over 25+ new ventures, new businesses and new geographic markets over the past 20 years.

We have failed, we have succeeded, we have struggled and we have been lucky and we bring all of this experience (the good, the bad and the ugly!) to our companies and believe that our experiences, network capital and global view on venturing is what makes Xebec unique.

In whatever we do, we are extremely passionate about:

  • Creating brand value and unique customer experiences
  • Driving innovation and building innovative businesses
  • Being hands-on operators
  • Using our experience to make good concepts great
  • Introducing great ideas and concepts to new customers
  • Building great businesses; better, faster and cheaper
The Xebec team came together because of shared values that govern all aspects of our approach to our partners, our investors, our customers, our collaborators, and our employees. 

Our core values are:

  • Honesty and trust
  • Authenticity and transparency
  • Risk and reward sharing
  • Building real value with real work
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Treating capital given to us as a sacred trust
  • We believe that in today’s socially connected, consumer-driven world, building great consumer products and unique experiences provides tremendous value-creation opportunities for those who know how to deliver and execute against such a strategy.
  • We believe that in our global and rapidly changing world, brands and companies are looking for quality execution partners for online and new markets, particularly in high growth, emerging regions like the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  • We believe that most entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses in emerging markets lack the experience and know-how that can only come from having executed numerous ventures in multiple markets globally.
  • And, we believe Xebec is uniquely positioned as the partner of choice both for emerging market entrepreneurs as well as established brands and businesses looking for an experienced execution partner in new frontier and emerging markets.
Our team at Xebec came together because of shared values and beliefs. These values form the foundation of our operating principles that govern how we engage with partners and what we do:

  • Focus on opportunities created by structural changes, such as enabling technologies, shifting market dynamics, and/or unmet customer needs and preferences.
  • Be customer centric and always focus on the consumer experience.
  • Focus on long term ‘win-win’ relationships with partners.
  • Collaborate with entrepreneurs and management as operators, not just as investors.
  • Invest in businesses and concepts that can serve as the foundation for highly profitable growth opportunities.
  • Invest only with a clear line of sight to cash flow and revenue growth, always with a view to preserving capital and protecting downside risk.
  • Focus on delivering significant change and growth in the short-term to establish new value-creation drivers.
  • Only venture into opportunities where we are comfortable with our know-how to execute effectively.

Rajiv Nakani

Managing Partner

  • CFA with 20+ years of international and executive experience – CIO, Managing Partner roles in Private Equity, Principal Investing, M&A and Investment Banking
  • MBA (Finance); MA (Econometrics & Mathematical Economics) from University of Indore DAVV
Experience Depth:
Principal Investing, M&A, Conglomerates, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Logistics, Fashion, TMT, Manufacturing, Financial Services

Saud Hashimi

Managing Partner

  • 20+ years international and executive experience
  • Manages technology, digital media & venture strategy
  • A.B. Cum Laude Economics, Princeton University
  • MBA, Harvard Business School
Experience Depth:
Internet, Retail, Banking, Distribution, Automotive, Consumer Credit, Consumer Device Technology, Principal Investing

Scott Hupe

Managing Partner

  • 22+ years international and executive experience
  • Manages customer experience, marketing and operations
  • Serial entrepreneur,developed numerous start-ups in US, Europe and MENA
  • B.A. Political Science, Univ. of Minnesota
Experience Depth:
Internet/Software, Telephony, Sports/Leisure, Retail Distribution, Licensing, Food, Product Design, Toys, Principal Investing, M&A
Steve Koinis
  • 30+ years of global executive leadership experience
  • Substantial frontier and emerging market experience
  • Considerable management mentoring and operational experience
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, B.S. Materials Engineering, Univ. of Michigan
  • MBA, Harvard University
Experience Depth:

Media, Manufacturing, Conglomerates, Financial Institutions, Capital Markets, Distribution, Defense Industry, Restructuring and Principal Investing

Alhadi Alwazir
  • 20+ years of international and executive experience
  • Substantial capital formation plan experience
  • Considerable experience building businesses in developed and emerging markets
  • B.S. Summa Cum Laude, Aerospace Engineering, Univ. of Maryland
  • MBA, Georgetown University
Experience Depth:

Principal Investing, Capital Markets, Pharmaceuticals, Retail/Food Concept Development, Real Estate, Education, Licensing

Almahdi Alwazir


  • 20+ years international and executive experience
  • Core skill-set is finding the ‘white space’, creating concepts and building brands
  • BBA – International Marketing (Dec. 1992), The American University, Washington, DC
  • MBA – Marketing (Aug 1994), The American University
Experience Depth:
Advertising, Operations, Marketing, Research & Strategy Experience in FMCG, B2B, Conventional & Digital Media

Seif Elnasr

  • 30+ years of international & executive experience in finance
  • Previous roles include CIO, GM, VP and Capital Markets head for leading financial institutions
  • BA in Economics and Minor in Psychology, American University in Cairo
Experience Depth:

Portfolio Management, Financial Risk, Investment Banking, Equities, Asset Management, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Valuation, Fixed Income